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Suma Veritas Win’s Acquisition International’s M&A Award

Suma Veritas

Each year, the publishers of Acquisition International Magazine issue the M&A Awards to celebrate excellence and recognize achievements of hard working organizations.  The awards are based solely on merit and nominees are selected by their clients and peers.  This year, AI presented the M&A award for Social Network of the Year to Graciela De Oto for the great work of Fundacion Suma Veritas.

Suma Veritas, based in Argentina, is a social global network that supports women’s economic empowerment through networking and training, which assist women to achieve their leadership potential.  The organization aims to provide a motivational environment and sense of belonging to facilitate the start up of women businesses.  Through its activities Suma Veritas helps women how to combine leadership skills with an entrepreneurial spirit and achieve personal growth and success.


Advocating for Women Traders in Nigeria

Recognizing the importance of women in the key issues that Nigeria and ECOWAS are committed to addressing, Life Impact Foundation International (LIFI) has recently prepared a position paper on the Women and Cross-Border Trade Project in Nigeria. LIFI argues that women cross-border traders are driving forces in alleviating poverty, ensuring food security, and generating employment.

Important though they are, most of these women remain in the informal sector where they are not recognized and do not benefit from policies meant to facilitate trade in the region.  Although ECOWAS has implemented a set of protocols to reflect the decisions of heads of state, enforcement of these policies has been found wanting.  Because of this, significant challenges faced by women-cross border traders remain including lack of information regarding trade protocols, transport constraints, lack of access to finance and networks, and extortion of all kinds.

To address the problem, LIFI has developed several recommendations for action that will help shift the way all actors of the cross-border trade community view these women:

  1. Officially recognize the significance and needs of women as contributors to national and regional trade and development in trade policy and export promotion
  2. Develop cross border trade facilitation programming targeted at women traders
  3. Empower women traders through greater access to horizontal and vertical business linkages, information, skills and resources
  4. Build capacity among border officials toward gender sensitive professional practice, standards and accountability
  5. Initiate multi-sectoral approaches that will support the facilitation of women’s cross-border trade

As the position paper states, “moves towards regional economic integration for the purposes of economic and human development cannot ignore the role of women cross-border traders.” Only when informal women traders enjoy the same access to markets, opportunities, and ability to operate in the formal sector, will the region truly realize trade openness and substantial regional economic growth.

Read the full Position paper here.

Thanks to Eniola Dada for sharing this paper.

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20 Empowered Women that You Should be Following on Twitter

Originally posted by Sarah Gerrity on CIPE’s Development Blog on March 1, 2012.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – we’ve all heard that before. It’s no secret that the men and women are treated differently, but when it comes down to the heart of the matter, women are just as capable of success, if not more so, than their galactic counterparts.

With International Women’s Day fast approaching, CIPE is highlighting ways to help the movement for women’s empowerment. CIPE’s programs approach women’s empowerment through institutional reform, economic and political empowerment, and working with partner organizations to look beyond financial assistance – by helping women build leadership and business skills, CIPE focuses on preparing women for participation, whether they’re running a business, advocating legislative reforms, or simply making the world a better place for taking care of their families.

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TiE Stree Shakti: Enabling Women Entrepreneurship Workshop & Awards

The TiE Stree Shakti (TSS) Workshop and Awards is a forum for women entrepreneurs to create trust-based partnerships through active networking. The objective of TSS is to create a platform of belonging for women entrepreneurs.

Launched by TiE Mumbai (The Indus Entrepreneurs), this platform is a pan-India initiative to recognize, award and enable them. The awards ceremony will be hosted December 12 in Mumbai.

See details on the workshop at