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OPEN DAY Programme on Business Support Services

Women Resource Centre at LCCI Lahore has started a series of the programme “open day.” The 1st of its kind was held on 4-5 Nov 2008 at LCCI Lahore. During this programme various organizations involved in the support of business were invited to give presentations. Organizations who participated were Google, Trade development authority, Smeda, SME Bank, ARY Global gallery Dubai, BSF, Vision consulting and Lahore Women University.

The basic concept was to give introduction of these organizations to our members who are in business or want to do business. Continue reading ‘OPEN DAY Programme on Business Support Services’ »

E.networking a Useful Tool for Women Entrepreneur Community

As we have observed women all over the world are playing a dual role: one at domestic front and other at businesses so they find comparatively less time for networking that can help them in their business skills. E.networking can serve a useful tool for them to remain in touch while staying in their comfort zone. This community network blog is a useful tool in this respect. Similarly Women Resource Centre of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has developed its own website where all the activities relating to women in business are displayed. All community members can go through this site and give us their feedback.

Women can play vital role in mental health awareness in communities

On world mental health day 10th Oct celebrated world over i had great opportunity to attend one programme at Fatima jinnah medical college today where families patients mental health professionals media and literary people were present and deliberated on the subject “how to improve the condition and what is the role of each person in this respect.

Female audience outnumbered the male in this gathering and it gained the attention of most of the speakers. An important comment made by many of them was “Women can play a vital role in spreading awareness on mental health issues and response of the environment and communities in this respect. The reason being women nurture the future, starting from home to business environment they can help in changing the stigmas associated with mental health problems so that as community we help in solving these problems.

As global economy we are facing many challenges in the world and one of the challenges is to share the world natural resources for survival of every one not only for the big giants. Now this sharing concept relates with behaviour science covered under mental health.

Women  Let us start sharing and supporting each other to send a positive message across board for better mental health and happiness!

Leadership with strategy for sailing through the main stream

Women in Pakistan are passing through a period of transition where on one hand they are struggling to get away with social stigmas and barriers while on the other hand making their role understood on the economic and political fronts.

Talking about women entrepreneurs their presence is felt and need for improving their competitiveness is greatly realized in the recent past.

Lahore chamber of commerce and industry, the premium chamber in Pakistan in terms of its old history and contributions towards trade and industry always had women entrepreneurs as members however their participation in the main stream activities was never realized untill 2007 when a long standing dream comes true “Inaguration of Women Resource Centre” at its platform with the help of CIPE. Continue reading ‘Leadership with strategy for sailing through the main stream’ »