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Discussion on Women Doing Business among Themselves

Dear colleagues,

Happy New Year!! 2010 has come and gone with its numerous challenges with regards to economic recession that had negative effects on businesses. It is still not over yet, however, we can do something about it if we create a platform that will enable us to trade among ourselves as women entrepreneurs worlwide. We can invest in each others’ businesses, exchange technology as well as identify raw material sources in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA.

We have what it takes to do that, we need to share market information, increase and improve South-South cooperation to increase our market share as women globally. Let’s discuss and come out with solutions and steps needed to practicalise these activities that will lead to poverty reduction in developing counties in Africa and Asia.

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Recommendations and Communique from the 4th Global

Participants in the 4th Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade Fair and Investment Forum held in Accra, Ghana, from July 23 to 31, 2009, made recommendations for improving trade in the ECOWAS region. They identified goals for cross-border trade, capacity building, health care, food processing and packaging, and scientific information and technology. To achieve these goals, they called for women entrepreneurs in the region to come together to create a strategic plan, and they made recommendations to African governments and the international community.

Read the Recommendations from the 4th Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade Fair and Investment Forum

Lucia Quachey
President, Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs

Trade with African Women, Invest in Africa

Visit the Fourth Global Women Entrepreneurs’ Trade Fair in Accra and do business with African women entrepreneurs; source for alternate closer and highly competitive supplies. Make contacts at this fair with over 500 African women entrepreneurs, the hope for Africa’s economic recovery and development. Visit the fair as an investor, exhibitor, buyer or a resource person.

This event is being organized by African Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (AFWE), and Hosted by Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs (GAWE).

July 23rd – August 2nd, 2009
Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana

Flyer and Registration information

Lucia Quachey

Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs (GAWE) International Women’s Day Celebration

The theme of the celebration was “Women Arise: Use Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Economic Empowerment.” We decided on this theme because when a woman has a regular source of income, she becomes very confident and takes her own destiny into her own hands and her self esteem increases, this is empowerment!

Women entrepreneurs and women in business used the occasion to raise awareness to the need for promoting “Entrepreneurship” as a Tool for attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).GAWE International Women's Day Walk
The walk was to advocate for a week every year to be observed as “WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WEEK” to be celebrated every first week in June, beginning June 3RD – 9TH, 2009; All African women entrepreneurs and women in business to join us to institutionalize this event. We also created awareness for local participation in the Fourth Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade Fair and Investment Forum scheduled for JULY 23 – AUGUST 2, 2009.

Read more about the celebration.

Lucia Quachey
President GAWE

Women Arise!

Dear all,

GAWE celebrates international women’s day under the theme: “Women Arise! Use Entrepreneurship as Tool for Economic Empowerment”

The activity takes off from Kwami Nkrumah Circle, walk through Kwami Nkrumah Avenue to High Street and ends opposite the Old Parliament House. Since the day falls on a Sunday, we will have it on Saturday 7th March, 2009. It is also to formally launch the fourth global, the women entrepreneurs week/ msme’s week.

There will placards with these writings:
GAWE connecting women for self-employment
WOMEN! We build nations;
We create employment no matter how small;
We reduce poverty;
We give life.

We do not want to fight the system, we want to build new one. We send report after the event.


4th Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade Fair and Investment Forum – Update

We are still in the New Year, and hoping for the best for all our undertakings. A website is under construction:,, will make registering on line easy as well as early response to expression of interest.

Program and sub-themes

Registration and hotel forms

Lucia Quachey
President GAWE

Fourth Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade Fair and Investment Forum, May 27-31, 2009 in Accra, Ghana

The Theme for the Fair, organized by the African Federation of Women Entrepreneurs and partners, is “Women Entrepreneurs’ Promoting Intra-African and Inter Continental Trade: Tool for attaining MDGs 1, 3, 5 & 8”. The focus on this theme is to increase the production capacity of women to move informal export activities to formal, increase market share, create more decent jobs, reduce poverty on sustainable basis, in order to meet the Millennium Development Goals 1, 3, 5 & 8. Alleviating poverty through entrepreneurship is a key tool for economic empowerment of Africa women. Women entrepreneurs must be encouraged to bring out their potentials in order to be visible in their national economy and relevant in the global economy.

We would appreciate if you would join AFWE, GAWE, GEA and other partners to organise the 4th Global, as well as disseminate this information to as many organisations as possible. Be part of this unique opportunity to join the growing number of companies who see a bottom-line benefit to supporting women entrepreneurs. Women in Africa do not sit and watch intra-African, global trade and Regional Cooperation go on without your full participation. Be part of the solution to poverty eradication through fair trade and Regional Cooperation.

Read the press release for details on the fair.

See the program for the 4th Global and the communique from the 3rd global.