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The Creation of Women’s Chambers in Pakistan

This speech was delivered on June 20 at the conference on Democracy That Delivers for Women.

The Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry was a dream. After having set up numerous businesses and established multiple ventures, I began feeling a tug at my heart to help make the journey for other businesswomen a lot easier. Being a woman in Pakistan is a struggle. Being a businesswoman, a huge challenge. Some would say women don’t even have the right to dream of becoming businesswomen in Pakistan. But I have always believed that women all over the world have the right to dream. And WCCI was formed to make these dreams come true.

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Democracy that Delivers for Women

The president of Central and North  Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr Shehla J Akram was also one of the speakers in the conference on, “Democracy that Delivers for Women”. One of her friends from NY who is a journalist and attended the conference commented:

Perhaps the most excellent thing about the Democracy that Delivers for Women conference is the women who come from countries with cultures still steeped in traditions that have not always delivered for women. African, South Asian and Latin American female entrepreneurs have something vital to share with their North American and European counterparts about diplomacy and ingenuity. The tougher road is long, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t shortcuts for the clever woman who knows her culture inside and out and can allay fears in the most meaningful way. Inspired by the struggles and triumphs of her more deeply challenged sisters, more luckily located entrepreneurs can draw strength from unlikely places.

Lorraine Adams

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100th International Women’s Day, CNPWCCI

This year on 100th International Women’s Day, CNPWCCI (Central and North Women Chamber Of Commerce and Industry) has organized a three day event to celebrate through a series of Educational and Social Events (CNPWCCI) to promote our cause of Women Empowerment. CNPWCCI is a strong believer in health awareness of women, a sector which is badly neglected especially in third world countries. We believe healthy women are better economic drivers and great performers.

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Woman Vice President at FPCCI

Islamabad, January 27, 2011. The FPCCI has allotted a senior slot to the women entrepreneurs in its executive body by adding a new clause in its articles of association. The amendment has created a reserved seat of vice president for women entrepreneurs in the FPCCI executive body.

The decision was taken in the executive body in a meeting held simultaneously at Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi through video conferencing.

Dr. Shehla Javed Akram has been nominated for this seat as Vice President  of FPCCI for the year 2011-2012.

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WEXNET 2010 at the Expo Center, Lahore

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has been active in facilitating and promoting women entrepreneurs since last many years. TDAP has been instrumental in providing impetus to women development in exports by including women development programmes in its seven point strategy.

In continuation of this strategy,Women Exporters Network (WEXNET) is designed as an exclusive platform for women entrepreneurs from all parts of the country to put on display numerous products that they manufacture or market in a thematically classified environment. The idea is to encourage women of the country to come forward and play their due role in the economic development and uplift of the country.

WEXNET 2010, at Lahore had all the necessary ingredients of a successful international level exposition and offered everything which a woman entrepreneur may seek from an interactive platform of the highest profile to extract maximum mileage from the development of their businesses.

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Laurels of Honour 2009

This year Central and North Punjab Woman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CNPWCCI) accoladed women entrepreneurs with Laurels of Honour 2009 for recognition of women extraordinaire  who have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their respective fields. This was the first award ceremony and will go a long way to acknowledge women who have made outstanding achievements in various walks of life, who are role models, who demonstrate initiative and pioneering spirit, who have contributed to the economic advancement of women and the quality of women’s lives in Pakistan.

More than 50 women were honoured at the ceremony from sectors such as banking, SMEs, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, IT, media, politics, education, beauty, community development, judiciary, art, entertainment, sports, gems and jewelry, construction and housing, services such as health care, hospitals, environment and manufacturing.

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Workshop on Financing Issues of Women Entrepreneurs

The Development Finance Support Unit, SBPBSC-Lahore arranged a workshop on the financing issues of Women Entrepreneurs on 9th March, 2010 at SBPBSC Lahore. The purpose of arranging this workshop was to discuss the finance related issues of women entrepreneurs with the senior representatives of banks extending SME finance in the Lahore region. In this workshop, the senior officials from the banking sector, chambers of commerce & industry and other relevant institutions participated and shared their views and experiences.

The unique feature of this workshop was that the women entrepreneurs who have actually faced difficulties in obtaining loans from banks shared their problems particularly with the banks whereas the senior bankers discussed their viewpoint in assessing SMEs for a loan and gave clarification on certain issues. The workshop was conducted in the form of the following presentations delivered by various stakeholders to discuss their points of view on the financial problems of women entrepreneurs/SMEs, the impact of finance on their earnings and policy recommendations.  

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Joint Project of Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Improvement through Technology and Entrepreneurship Development

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Central and North Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNPWCCI) and Pakistan Foundation for the Advancement of Engineering & Technology for poverty alleviation and environmental improvement through technology and entrepreneurship development. The trained and motivated project team has started their work at designated premises, procuring, developing product design and credit lines for the clusters of the needy women. This project will help women to raise their income and improve the environment to attain the Millennium Development Goal of United Nations.

Recycling is an extremely important issue in our world today. It is important for every person to take responsibility for his or her own contribution to the recycling effort. Recycling not only means reusing and restoring our garbage but can also include donating old clothes to charitable organizations, reusing plastic containers to store food in the refrigerator, and many other activities we already participate in. Although recycling encompasses many areas of our lives but paper recycling focuses on our everyday waste products. How to recycle them, if it is a worthwhile cause. Recycling has several effects on the earth such as helping to slow global warming, diminishing acid rain, reducing water pollution, conserving landfill space, and lowering pollutants in the air. Continue reading ‘Joint Project of Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Improvement through Technology and Entrepreneurship Development’ »

Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conducted the 8th Women Lifestyle Exhibition in Lahore, Pakistan

Under the patronage of the first lady of Pakistan, Mrs Fouzia Gilani, Central and North Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNPWCCI) strikes again with the 8th Women Lifestyle exhibition. Central and North Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CNPWCCI) organized the 8th Women Lifestyle Exhibition on 24th – 25th February, 2009 at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. It was a big success.

The 8th Women Lifestyle Exhibition provided the women entrepreneurs and business associates across Pakistan an experience sharing attitude with positive working in specific areas of businesses under the umbrella of CNPWCCI. There were around 65 stalls beautifully decorated as there is always a tough competition to win award for the best layout. The exhibitors were dress designers, embroideries from Bahalwalpur, Multan, D.G.Khan, D.IKhan, Islamabad, NWFP, Home Liner, Islamic Books, Hand made stationary, handicraft, Home Decoration, Synergy drinking water, Health Tea, Women Health Pharmaceuticals products, Artificial Jewelry, Chen-One, Youth Parliament, Event management Companies, Clay artisans, Banks, Pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies promoted products on women health issues such as obesity and bone disease. The pharmaceutical companies Help desks were set up throughout the hall. The corporate sectors that got involved were Bank of Punjab and Alfalah Bank. The banks promoted their SME products in a friendly environment of the exhibition. Continue reading ‘Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conducted the 8th Women Lifestyle Exhibition in Lahore, Pakistan’ »

Enclave for Women in Order to Eliminate the Middleman

Under the patronage of the first lady of Pakistan, Begum Fouzia Gilani, Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PWCCI) has laid the foundations of an Enclave for Women at Meena Bazaar Complex, Liberty Market, Lahore, Pakistan.

Unfortunately, due to lack of education, cultural constraints, most micro women entrepreneurs are deprived of the existing resources to sell their products in the market and get economically involved. This enclave has thus been established in order to assist and promote those micro women entrepreneurs who are deprived from doing direct businesses. Given the dearth of permanent sale point for women entrepreneurs in Lahore, Punjab, this enclave will provide a market place and display centers for women to exhibit and sell their products. This enclosure is rented to the low income earning business women at a meager rate of Rs. 100 per day.

The other major purpose of founding the enclave for women is to encourage people to provide an economic platform for local women entrepreneurs and bridge the gap between the micro women entrepreneurs and retail buyers and eliminate the middlemen. Thus the main objective of opening this enclave is to “empower the women by eliminating the middleman.” Continue reading ‘Enclave for Women in Order to Eliminate the Middleman’ »