Celebrating Women Entrepreneurship in the Balkans

As part of the “Balkan Women Coalition for Professional Qualification and Training in the field of Business and Economic Science” – B-WCo project, a recent initiative has been developed in order to celebrate outstanding women entrepreneurs and managers in the Balkan Region. The initiative culminated with an award ceremony which took place in Thessaloniki, Greece on November 12 during which a group of successful business women received the 2014 Balkan Female Entrepreneurship Awards.  

The awards were created by the the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (SEGE) and implemented in collaboration with project partners from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Turkey, Romania and Serbia. 

The goal of the awards was three-fold:

  • To identify and highlight successful women entrepreneurs in the Balkans
  • To foster the spirit of enterprise by celebrating role models in entrepreneurship and
  • To promote female entrepreneurship in the Balkan region.

Each country partner in the project had the opportunity to nominate five women entrepreneurs, one in each of the following categories: Balkan Start-up of the Year, Women in Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Women in Boards and Women Motivators.

The profiles of the nominees were posted on the project website http://www.balkancoalition.com, in the Awards section. A selection panel reviewed the nominations and the winners were selected at the end of an open voting process.

The Regional Center for Organization Management, the Romanian partner in the project, nominated five women entrepreneurs that have achieved success in their fields of activity. Following the voting process, one of the nominees, Mrs. Simona Baciu, founder of the Transylvania College in Cluj Napoca, Romania, won the award in the Women in Boards category. 

The Balkan Female Entrepreneurship Awards ceremony, hosted by SEGE, took place at the Porto Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki. Over one-hundred-and-twenty participants from the eight countries represented in the project attended the ceremony. This event was placed under the aegis of the European SME Week.  

The B-WCo project was developed with funding from the European Commission within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme, subprogramme GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Projects


                  Project partners attending the Balkan Female Entrepreneurship Awards ceremony

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!



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